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When do I need to schedule a service call?
You should schedule a service call when the equipment is not working, and you checked the batteries on the thermostat, checked the breaker, and checked that the unit has clean filters if applicable.

Why do I have to have my furnace or air conditioner maintained?
When equipment is maintained on a regular basis the equipment will need fewer repairs, retain energy efficiency, keep manufacture warranties enforced, and increase the life span of your HVAC equipment.

What is a PMA?
PMA stands for Preventative Maintenance Agreement which is our yearly service contract. Contracts are available for both commercial and residential customers and can be customized based on your equipment. Usually this includes two visits per year once in the spring and once in the fall to maintain the equipment for the upcoming season. Our PMA has additional benefits such as same day service if needed, and discounts of parts for a term on a year. Please contact our office for further information.

How often should I replace filters?
Regular 1” filters should be replaced every month. Filters for the air cleaners should be replaced every 6 months. How often should I replace the water panel on the humidifier? The water panel should be replaced minimum of once a year every fall. If your home has hard water you may be required to change every 3 months due to the heavy sediment.

What If I need service after regular business hours?
We offer 24-Hour Emergency service 365 days a year. You can call our office at (847) 362-0262 and have our answering service will dispatch our technician to you.

How often should I get a duct cleaning?
Duct cleanings are recommended every 2 to 3 years. This time frame is only recommended under normal circumstances and other factors can change the recommended time. Duct cleaning is recommended once a year if you have factors such as if you have smokers in the house, have pets that shed hair if the return grills are located on the floor versus on the wall. Also right after any of the following: home recently underwent remodeling or construction, if you just moved into the home.

Why should the dryer vent be cleaned?
Nationwide 15,000 clothes dryer fires are reported each year. Seventy-five percent are caused by a clogged system. Homes built in the late 1980’s are at a higher risk due to the vent being too long based on today’s standards. If the dryer vent is too long it can’t effectively blow the lint outside and can be very clogged with lint. The Federal Emergency Management Agency recommends a maximum of 25 ft for a safe dryer vent run. FEMA recommends dryer vents to be cleaned out at least once a year. As a safety reminder FEMA warns about ever running your clothes dryer when no one is home.

Do I qualify to the tax credit?
The federal tax credit for HVAC is available through December 31, 2010. Homeowners qualify for the tax credit with the purchase of a qualifying product that is placed into service by the end of the year. The tax credit is 30% of the cost of the job up to $1,500.00.

Are there any rebates available?
Currently through November 15, 2010 Rheem is offering the Cash Back program. With the purchase of qualifying HVAC equipment you can qualify to receive up to $800.00 cash back from Rheem as a rebate. Please contact our office for details.

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